It’s all about nutrition

VMP Nutrition products provide the cardinal “building blocks of life” necessary for an active and healthy life style.

Made from natural ingredients, our product line consists of gels and liquids, which supply the optimal daily dose of vitamins, minerals, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Our nutrition solution not only tastes great but it can be conveniently taken and stored anywhere.

Learn about VMP Gel Stickpacks, VMP TOTAL PACK NUTRITION & VMP Prime 20

World-class Manufacturing

Developed by world-renowned scientists and produced at our 133,000 feet2 licensed pharmaceutical facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

Our facility counts with state-of-the-art equipment specializing in technologically advanced dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and OTC pharmaceuticals.

School Nutrition Programs

There are far too many children missing breakfast, throwing away fruits and vegetables at lunch, and going home to unhealthy snacks.

Keeping true to our mission of providing healthy nutritional foods that supplement a child’s diet, we recognized the need for nutritional food and introduced our efforts with school nutrition programs across the United States.

Reimbursable under Section 3 of the School Lunch Programs, VMP TOTAL PACK NUTRITION is considered one serving of whole grains.